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Lied and Mélodie

Home Young talents Master class 2018 Lied and Mélodie
From June 14th 2018 to June 23rd 2018
  • Voice

Laboratory in Excellence // Lied and Mélodie


Programme of Classes

German Lied and French Mélodie

Establishment of Recital Programmes

Presentation (taking the stage, changes during the recital)

Work on the texts (poems etc…)

At whom is the course aimed?

Experienced singers

Pianists with experience of accompanying Mélodie and Lied

Singer-pianist Duos

Age Limit: 33 years

Course Aims

Knowledge enhancement in the field of Lied and Mélodie

Research related to broadening ideas for concert programmes

Conduct of the Classes

Individual classes


Group Coaching

Specialisms of the Teachers​

Hedwig Fassbender: Artistic Director of the master class, Opera singer, Singing Professor at HfMDK Frankfurt, Artistic Director “Exzellenz-Labor Gesang”, Masterclasses Opera Studios Zurich, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow… Vocal and Interpretation Techniques for Lied and Mélodie.

Anne Le Bozec, Pianist, Accompanist for Mélodie and Lied, CNSMD Paris: Individual and singer-piano duo Mélodie Teaching.

Götz Payer, Pianist, Accompanist for Lied, Lied Interpretation Class at HfMDK Frankfurt, in collaboration with the Hugo Wolf Competition in Stuttgart: Individual and singer-piano duo Lied Teaching.

Mathias Hermann, actor, presenter, Interpretation and Diction Class at HfMDK Frankfurt: Work on the text/content and pronunciation (German and French)

We can celebrate the fact that the alliance Lied / Mélodie continues strongly and arouses a growing interest with the public. However, we have to recognise that the form in which this discipline is presented has not changed in centuries.

Over and above refinement as regards technical and stylistic questions, participants can try out and adopt new forms in the presentation of recitals, more suited to today’s public. The course is also suitable as preparation for Lied/Mélodie competitions.


The Music Academy of Villecroze values musical patronage and supports young musicians through its master-class program which includes free room and board. The only cost to participants is for transport by rail to Les Arcs-Draguignan or by plane to the Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport, from which we provide free shuttle service to Villecroze. Applicants with serious financial needs may request financial travel assistance; the Academy will examine the possibility of contributing to the price of the return ticket for these cases.

If you don't receive any confirmation by email within 24 hours after the submission of your application, please write to 

For the candidates applying as a duo, please fill the application form for each member indicating the name of your duo. You can register the same documents for the reference letters and the recording.