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Home Programme 2003

Musicology workshop with Ilton Wjuniski
Tuesday 8-Saturday 19 April

Clarinet workshop with Paul Meyer
Thursday 1-Monday 12 May

Chamber music Masterclass with Leon Fleisher
Saturday 24 May-Tuesday 3 June

Chamber music Masterclass with Christian Lardé
Tuesday 24 June-Saturday 5 July

Recording with Norah Amsellem and Dalton Baldwin
Thursday 10-Thursday 17 July

Piano Masterclass with Dominique Merlet
Tuesday 22 July-Saturday 2 August

Composition workshop with Betsy Jolas
Tuesday 12- Saturday 23 August

Voice Masterclass with Marilyn Horne
Wednesday 27 August-Sunday 7 September

Seminar with the Franco-American Chamber Ensemble
Thursday 11-Saturday 13 September

Violin Masterclass with Pamela Frank
Friday 28 November-Saturday 6 December

Piano Masterclass with Claude Helffer
Saturday 29 November-Saturday 6 December

Recording with Deborah Nemtanu, violin
1-6 December