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Home Programme 1996

Piano master class with Olivier Gardon
From April 18th 1996 to April 28th 1996

Chamber music with Gui-Michel Caillat
From June 12th 1996 to June 22nd 1996

Oboe master class with Maurice Bourgue
From July 2nd 1996 to July 12th 1996

Voice master class with Denis Stevens
From July 17th 1996 to July 27th 1996

Piano master class with Georges Pludermacher
From July 31st 1996 to August 10th 1996

Harpsichord master class with Huguette Dreyfus
From August 21st 1996 to August 31st 1996

String quartet master class with the Ysaÿe Quartet
From September 4th 1996 to September 14th 1996

Voice master class with Christiane Eda-Pierre
From September 18th 1996 to September 28th 1996

Cello master class with Arto Noras
From October 4th 1996 to October 13th 1996