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Home Programme 1991

Chamber music with Olivier Gardon and Yvan Chiffoleau
From April 27th 1991 to May 9th 1991

Piano master class with Claude Helffer
From July 22nd 1991 to August 1st 1991

Voice master class with Vera Rozsa-Nordell
From August 5th 1991 to August 17th 1991

Harpsichord master class with Huguette Dreyfus
From August 19th 1991 to August 31st 1991

Flute master class with Christian Lardé
From August 26th 1991 to September 7th 1991

Viola master class with Gérard Caussé
From September 10th 1991 to September 22nd 1991

Chamber music with Ilton Wjuniski and Klaus Heitz
From November 15th 1991 to November 25th 1991