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Le Petit Poucet

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  • Annee de creation : 2012
  • Compositeur : Julien Joubert
  • Librettiste : Eric Herbette d’après l’œuvre de Charles Perrault
  • Genres :
  • Duree : 50 minutes
Supported by the Académie musicale de Villecroze in 2012

Commissioned by La Manécanterie de Saint-Jean, in Colmar

Who are those parents who are so cruel as to abandon their children twice? And what about the ogre? Famished enough, despite the feast prepared for him by his charming wife, not to recognise his darling little ogresses... Horrible, isn’t it? Terrifying!

This is why Eric Herbette and Julien Joubert chose to treat this fairy tale as a farce, a kind of joke intended as a diversion. Why should we spend this time? Because the ogre’s cake is baking in the oven. The recipe specifies: 1 hour on low heat. Time to tell a story...

The version with 2 voices is ideal for elementary school classes and can be sung with 1 voice only. The version with 3 mixed voices can also be sung by an adult chorus, with optional men’s voices.

Existing arrangements

  • Chorus / piano with 2 equal voices
  • Chorus alone with 2 equal voices
  • Chorus / Piano with 2 equal voices + Mixed chorus
  • Chorus alone with 2 equal voices + Mixed chorus
  • Material for all instrumental combinations


Type of audience
7-8 years
9-10 years
Composed for
chorus only child
with soloists adult parts
with soloists child parts
with adult choir
Lien avec la matiere
Number of voices
1 part
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